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Table 1 Formulas of some variational image segmentation methods

From: Structure-based level set method for automatic retinal vasculature segmentation

Group Method Formula
Edge-based GAC[23] ϑ Φ div g Φ Φ +αg Φ
PBLS[24] ϑ||Φ||div Φ Φ -α||Φ|| q ^ PBLS
DRLSE[25] μdiv D Φ Φ +ϑ δ ϵ Φ div g Φ Φ +αg δ ϵ Φ
ARLS[28] μ 2 Φ - div Φ Φ +ϑ δ ϵ Φ div Φ s I * G σ - 2 Φ +α δ ϵ Φ 2 I * G σ
Region-based RBLSE[33] μdiv D Φ Φ +ϑ δ ϵ Φ div Φ Φ -α δ ϵ Φ e 1 - e 2 ,
  1. where e i is the data fitting function of/in region Ω i . See[33] for more details.