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Center of Mass-Based Adaptive Fast Block Motion Estimation


This work presents an efficient adaptive algorithm based on center of mass (CEM) for fast block motion estimation. Binary transform, subsampling, and horizontal/vertical projection techniques are also proposed. As the conventional CEM calculation is computationally intensive, binary transform and subsampling approaches are proposed to simplify CEM calculation; the binary transform center of mass (BITCEM) is then derived. The BITCEM motion types are classified by percentage of (0,0) BITCEM motion vectors. Adaptive search patterns are allocated according to the BITCEM moving direction and the BITCEM motion type. Moreover, the BITCEM motion vector is utilized as the initial search point for near-still or slow BITCEM motion types. To support the variable block sizes, the horizontal/vertical projections of a binary transformed macroblock are utilized to determine whether the block requires segmentation. Experimental results indicate that the proposed algorithm is better than the five conventional algorithms, that is, three-step search (TSS), new three-step search (N3SS), four three-step search (4SS), block-based gradient decent search (BBGDS), and diamond search (DS), in terms of speed or picture quality for eight benchmark sequences.



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