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Table 2 “U-24\(\rightarrow\)J-21” means that UCF101-24 is the source domain used in source domain and J-HMDB-21 is the target domain used in target domain

From: Weakly supervised spatial–temporal attention network driven by tracking and consistency loss for action detection

Methods(Target) U-24\(\rightarrow\)J-21 J-21\(\rightarrow\)U-24
Baseline+SCEL 61.0 70.3
Baseline+SCEL+TRBL 69.3 79.0
Baseline+SCEL+NCBL 86.3 90.6
Baseline+SCEL+TRBL+NCBL 90.2 94.8
  1. “Baseline + xxx” means that the “xxx” loss function is used upon the baseline model. SCEL stands for supervised cross-entropy loss, TRBL stands for tracking-regularization-based loss, NCBL means neighbor-consistency-based loss