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Table 6 Evaluation of computational cost of each pose proposals

From: Robust head pose estimation based on key frames for human-machine interaction

MethodTime (ms per frame)Architecture
Kazemi and Sullivan [6]*12.0±1CPU
Fanelli et al. [4]*20.1±2CPU
Li et al. [10]*62.4±5CPU
Li Nose*64.2±5CPU
Papazov et al. [12] +122CPU
Yang et al. [28] +100CPU
Yu et al. [9] +250CPU
Ahn et al. [24] +0.98GPU
Venturelli et al. [26] +10GPU
Saeed and Al-Hamadi [27] +>45GPU
  1. Results with the best performances are presented in bold
  2. *Time that we calculated
  3. +Results taken from author’s papers