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Table 3 Average SSIM scores with corresponding standard deviation for all inpainting methods along with the corresponding noisy frames

From: Error reduction through post processing for wireless capsule endoscope video

 Average SSIMStd. dev.
Uncomp. HSPE0.1360.117
Uncomp. MF inp.0.9510.048
Uncomp. EB0.6640.072
Uncomp. HP. inp.0.9090.021
Compr. HSPE0.7830.042
Compr. direct CD0.8260.055
Compr. TV + CD0.8540.053
  1. Abbreviations are as follows: HSPE high-density single pixel errors, MF median filter, EB error blocks, CD corner detection, HP homography with Poisson editing, TV total variation, Uncompr uncompressed, Compr. compressed