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Table 5 Iterations and computational time for Figs. 9a, 10a, 11a, 12a, and 13a

From: The Vese-Chan model without redundant parameter estimation for multiphase image segmentation

ImageSizeBinary label functionIterationsComputational time(s)
   Original Vese-Chan methodTV regularization methodOur methodOriginal Vese-Chan methodTV regularization methodOur method
Figure 9a200 ×23628041353.661.511.02
Figure 10a200 ×19439872406.733.822.44
Figure 11a270 ×1804100662848.1519.209.53
Figure 12a300 ×2004122875559.9129.1722.02
Figure 13a330 ×22041491017270.3238.6032.01