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Table 1 Comparison of four UAV low-altitude remote sensing image mosaic techniques

From: Remote sensing image mosaic technology based on SURF algorithm in agriculture

Name Advantages Disadvantages Scope of application
Quick mosaic with seam Fast mosaic speed There is a clear seam in the image Used for rapid inspection of UAV aerial image, simple change of survey area, and remote control of UAV remote sensing images.
Panoramic image mosaic Fast and seamless mosaic can be achieved in the airstrip, and the deformation of the object is small, the relative position relationship is more accurate, and the overall mosaic speed is fast.   Application to emergency and disaster monitoring
Uncontrolled orthophoto mosaic The mosaic results have high precision, and no mosaic cracks and distortions are found after mosaic. The images also contain spatial coordinate information. The accuracy of the elevation information of the image is not high Change detection for urban and rural areas can also be used for orthophoto production which is not easy to enter the area.
Controlled orthophoto mosaic Greatly reducing the number of field control points, its clustered processors can quickly achieve image matching, DEM automatic generation and other operations, with the highest accuracy. The production cycle is relatively long It is used for 3D rapid modeling, resource monitoring with high timeliness, and dynamic monitoring of large-scale engineering construction.