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Table 1 Image capture capability parameter table

From: The research about high-dynamic and low-gray target image differential capture technology based on laser active detection

Project Parameter Unit Value
Laser parameters θ t Launch mrad 1
P t Laser W 0.5
τ t Laser   0.57
Cat eye target parameters D s Cat mm 50
f s Cat mm 50~100
d Cat mm 0.25
τ S Cat   0.7
ρ S Cat   0.15
Infrared detection image system parameters D Optical mm 100
f focal mm 300
τ r Optical   0.55
T int Integration ms 3
D Infrared cm.w−1.Hz1/2 1.9 × 1011
S Pixel μm 15
Nt Point   9
Atmospheric parameters τ Atmospheric   0.5