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Table 10 Different OCR algorithms performance based on software implementation—MATLAB

From: Optical character recognition on heterogeneous SoC for HD automatic number plate recognition system

OCR Platform Recognition rate (%) Processing time per character (ms)
[Proposed] template matching Intel Core i7 4770s 3.1 GHz
8 GB of RAM
99.50 1.95
[5] ANNa 97.49 7.46
[14] SVMa 98.75 7.49
[5] ANN Dual Core–2.4 GHz
3 GB of RAM
97.30 8.4
[27] Normal factoring Intel Core i3 2330M 2.2 GHz
2 GB of RAM
97.00 N/A
[28] Distance and angle features 99.00 N/A
[29] ANN N/A 94.32 N/A
  1. aThe algorithm has been implemented and tested by the authors using the training and testing sets of this work to process numeral characters only