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Table 4 Correlation between the handwriting features and the Big Five personality types

From: Predicting the Big Five personality traits from handwriting

Big Five personality type Most present three handwriting features in HM
Neuroticism Baseline: leveled, Word Slant: Moderate Right Slant, Lowercase letter “f”: angular point
Openness to Experience Lowercase letter “f”: balanced, Connecting Strokes: Medium Connectivity, Word Slant: Medium Right Slant
Extraversion Connecting Strokes: weak connectivity, Baseline: Ascending, Word Slant: Extreme Right Slant
Agreeableness Connecting Strokes: strongly connected, Word Slant: Extreme Left Slant, Lowercase letter “t”: very low
Conscientiousness Word Slant: Extreme Left Slant, Baseline: descending, Lowercase letter “f”: cross-like