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Table 5 A representative list of face quality assessment algorithms

From: Biometric quality: a review of fingerprint, iris, and face

Application Algorithm Description
Still-image Subasic et al.[69] Seventeen automatic tests in conjuncture with the ICAO face image presentation standards
  Hsu et al.[13] Automatic evaluator of the ISO/JEC 19794-5 face standards
  Youmaran and Adler[5] Biometric information defined from information theory
  Gao et al.[70] Asymmetry in LBP features[71] as a measure of the quality
  Zhang et al.[72] Asymmetry using SIFT features
Video-frame Wong et al.[73] Comparison of a facial image with ideal face models
  Nasrollahi and Moeslund[74] Geometrical pose estimation using face bounding box
  Long et al.[75] Assess sharpness, brightness, resolution, and pose in NIR videos
  Yao et al.[76] Sharpness measure from frame selection