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Table 1 Different interpretations of quality in biometrics from literature

From: Biometric quality: a review of fingerprint, iris, and face

Reference Modality Interpretation of quality in biometrics
Chen et al.[3] Fingerprint A global measure of the strength of ridges
Grother and Tabassi[4] Fingerprint Suitability for automatic matching
Youmaran and Adler[5] Face The decrease in uncertainty of identity due to a given sample
Kryszczuk et al.[6] Face Conditionally relevant class predictors
Beveridge et al.[7] Face A measurable and actionable predictor of performance
ISO/IEC standards[13] Face Biometric data that adheres to best capture practices
Kalka et al.[8] Iris The measurement of various degradations known to affect iris recognition
Kumar and Zhang[9] Knuckles Confidence of generating reliable matching scores from the user templates
Poh and Kittler[10] General framework Degree of extractability of recognition features
BioAPI[14] General framework Biometric data that provides good performance for the intended purpose