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Table 5 Average RR for the proposed algorithm when various features elements are removed from the proposed feature vector

From: Content-based obscene video recognition by combining 3D spatiotemporal and motion-based features

Removed features SVM core Average RR (%)
Features based on the information of single frames RBF 75.8
Linear 84.5
Quadratic 80.6
Polynomial 83.2
Features based on 3D STV (first group) RBF 77.3
Linear 92.1
Quadratic 84.8
Polynomial 83.5
Features based on 3D STV (second group) RBF 77.1
Linear 93.7
Quadratic 85.3
Polynomial 80.6
Features based on motion and periodicity characteristics RBF 74.5
Linear 94.7
Quadratic 89
Polynomial 86.7