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A Similarity-Based Approach for Audiovisual Document Classification Using Temporal Relation Analysis

  • Zein Al Abidin Ibrahim1Email author,
  • Isabelle Ferrane2 and
  • Philippe Joly2
EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing20112011:537372

Received: 1 June 2010

Accepted: 1 March 2011

Published: 15 March 2011


We propose a novel approach for video classification that bases on the analysis of the temporal relationships between the basic events in audiovisual documents. Starting from basic segmentation results, we define a new representation method that is called Temporal Relation Matrix (TRM). Each document is then described by a set of TRMs, the analysis of which makes events of a higher level stand out. This representation has been first designed to analyze any audiovisual document in order to find events that may well characterize its content and its structure. The aim of this work is to use this representation to compute a similarity measure between two documents. Approaches for audiovisual documents classification are presented and discussed. Experimentations are done on a set of 242 video documents and the results show the efficiency of our proposals.


Image ProcessingPattern RecognitionComputer VisionSimilarity MeasureTemporal Relationship

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Authors’ Affiliations

LERIA Laboratory, Angers University, Angers, France
IRIT Laboratory, Toulouse University, Toulouse, France


© Zein Al Abidin Ibrahim et al. 2011

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