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A Fuzzy Color-Based Approach for Understanding Animated Movies Content in the Indexing Task

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EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing20082008:849625

  • Received: 26 July 2007
  • Accepted: 11 January 2008
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This paper proposes a method for detecting and analyzing the color techniques used in the animated movies. Each animated movie uses a specific color palette which makes its color distribution one major feature in analyzing the movie content. The color palette is specially tuned by the author in order to convey certain feelings or to express artistic concepts. Deriving semantic or symbolic information from the color concepts or the visual impression induced by the movie should be an ideal way of accessing its content in a content-based retrieval system. The proposed approach is carried out in two steps. The first processing step is the low-level analysis. The movie color content gets represented with several global statistical parameters computed from the movie global weighted color histogram. The second step is the symbolic representation of the movie content. The numerical parameters obtained from the first step are converted into meaningful linguistic concepts through a fuzzy system. They concern mainly the predominant hues of the movie, some of Itten's color contrasts and harmony schemes, color relationships and color richness. We use the proposed linguistic concepts to link to given animated movies according to their color techniques. In order to make the retrieval task easier, we also propose to represent color properties in a graphical manner which is similar to the color gamut representation. Several tests have been conducted on an animated movie database.


  • Color Palette
  • Color Gamut
  • Color Richness
  • Color Concept
  • Linguistic Concept

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LISTIC, Domaine Universitaire, BP 80439, 74944 Annecy le vieux Cedex, France
LAPI, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Bucharest, 061071, Romania


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